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I watched the October 25 service (click here)
Please let us know if you watched the October 25 service and any comments for improving our online worship. Registering attendance is the only way we can monitor the reach of our services. We love your comments and they are reviewed and acted upon every week.
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We can't meet for coffee and fellowship after worship, but we have scheduled an ONLINE COFFEE conversation each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Click HERE to join on Zoom. It’s informative, interesting, we have many belly laughs and we get to know one another. Join us! You don’t know what you’re missing!!
Click HERE to order Altar Flowers
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER FLOWERS FOR A PARTICULAR SUNDAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ORDER. Cost of flowers is $30.00. We will order them and make sure they are placed on the altar in time for our taping of our worship service. You may drop off your payment in our locking mailbox, pay online, or mail it to the church.

Please call upon the members of the Outreach Ministry Team if you need a prayer partner, someone to talk to, a ride to your doctor’s office, someone to pick up books at the library for you, someone to pick up and deliver groceries for you, someone to take you to the barber or hairstylist, someone to drop off your offering envelopes or any other request you may have. We are here to serve you.

Sara Holton: 407-839-9990; Clermont/Four Corners
Marie Johnson: 352-536-9786; Groveland
Pam Schuetz: 219-789-8358;
Click here for more information about Outreach - updated October 19, 2020
Click here to join on Wednesday at 2:00 pm
Click here here on Friday at 4:00 pm to join (You'll be available to join as long as we're together.)
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On Sunday, November 1st, we remember in our worship all those who have passed away. If you had a family member or loved one pass away during the past year and would like their name read at our service, please fill out this form to be sure they're included. Click HERE
We Welcome . . . Penelope Elizabeth Schorer Baptized on Saturday, October 17
Our Annual meeting this year will be on November 8th, at 10:30am which is a couple of months sooner than we usually meet. This is to allow for the council to be up and running by January 1st and allows us to begin following our 2021 Budget beginning January 1st as well.

However, due to Covid-19, and the fact that we are not worshiping in person at this time, we will hold the meeting via Zoom. We will post the link on our web page so all you have to do is to click on the link.
November 13 – January 3
5pm to 10pm Daily
Staggered Entry Times/Masks required
210 South Bass Road
Kissimmee, Florida

The October, November, December devotional booklets have arrived at church. If you are interested in having one they have been placed in a plastic box on top of the locking mailbox outside the church doors. You may pick one up while supplies last.
f you have any announcements that you would like to see in our Announcements and put on our website, please have them emailed to Rita at: by Monday of each week. If you have any prayers you would like to have included on our prayer list that is also published on our website, please let Rita know by email or telephone (352-394-3382) by Monday of each week as well. Thanks so much!
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